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CoinMetro Crypto Exchange: 5 Ways To Add to Your Crypto Portfolio

5 Ways To Add to Your Crypto Portfolio

If you are one of those people who regret not buying Bitcoin back when it cost peanuts, you should know that it’s still not too late to buy crypto. Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg, there are now hundreds of other crypto assets – known as altcoins – on the market. To find out how you can collect them, check our tips below.

1. Trade crypto on an exchange

This is probably the most popular way to earn on crypto: all you need to do is to sign up on an exchange, like CoinMetro, choose the asset that you’re interested in and freely buy/sell when you feel is the right time.

Pros: A variety of cryptocurrencies at your fingertips and the possibility to add them to your portfolio very fast.

Cons: Often complicated deposit/withdrawal process and high commission (but not at CoinMetro!).

We’re proud that at CoinMetro these “con” points are irrelevant: we’re known for our quick execution and having one of the lowest commission fees in the industry. Besides this, we provide 24/7 customer support and super promotions, to keep you interested!

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2. Mining farms and pools

In simple words, mining is the production of a crypto-assets as a form of compensation for solving complex computational problems. You’ll need to set up a mining farm using a powerful computer with special software. It’s also possible to join mining pools where different miners have their computers united in one network for more effective work.

Pros: There’s a lot of hardware out there that makes it possible to build a mining farm relatively quickly.

Cons: Equipment and running costs while mining can be extremely expensive.

3. Referral program

A referral program is an easy way to collect crypto, you don’t even need to buy crypto yourself: you just need to encourage other people to use a particular site or services.

Take CoinMetro’s Ambassador Program as an example: when you log in to your account you’ll see a unique referral link which can be shared with your friends, family and wider audience (if you have a blog, social media, or website). In almost all referral programs you get a commission from direct referrals only. CoinMetro’s Ambassador Program allows you to earn on the trading activity of referrals of your direct referrals, and their referrals, hence up to three levels of referrals, with the same effort. Not bad, eh?

Pros: Easy to enter the program; results depend on you – with competent advertising you can earn not only on commission but also by entering raffles that some referral programs have for active partners (CoinMetro does!).

Cons: If a program has only one level of referrals, you’ll have to work hard for good results.

4. Airdrops

Airdrops are essentially a marketing tool to bring some awareness to a particular token on its launch, giving away a certain amount for free, or for doing small tasks (such as small as opening an account on the site). Airdrops are a great way to get free crypto.

Pros: You get tokens for free!

Cons: You’ll need to carefully follow the progress of both the company and the token closely (might be challenging if you’ve participated in multiple Airdrops).

5. Bounties

Bounties are another way to add crypto to your portfolio without exchanging money for it. Bounties are usually organized during ICOs and they reward participants for helping the project in different ways. Unlike airdrops, bounties require more effort and can include active advertising on social media and inside forums, help with content, documentation, or translation and bug hunting, etc.

Pros: Your only spend is your time; also it’s a smooth way to enter the crypto industry and learn about it first-hand.

Cons: Remuneration depends on the success of the project, that’s why it’s important to analyze the company in advance.

So, to Sum up…

There are plenty of ways to add to your crypto portfolio, some take more time and effort than others, but in reality, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Trading/exchanging crypto with a licensed and regulated exchange – like CoinMetro – is probably your best bet.

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Which is your favorite method of getting crypto? Do you know any others? Let us know in the comments ⬇️.


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