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CoinMetro's XCM

CoinMetro's XCM Is Here!

CoinMetro hit a milestone today. We just launched our exchange token – XCM – with a load of super incentives to help you get involved, including commission-free XCM/EUR trading for the whole of February AND up to 20% discount on commission fees across all pairs!

What is XCM?

XCM, or COIN, is an ERC-20 utility token and the native token used on the CoinMetro exchange and trading platforms. All services on these platforms are paid for in XCM.

XCM is exclusively available on the CoinMetro exchange platform and all of the one services we offer via these platforms is paid for in XCM. So, it’s a super important token, with a super important purpose!

Why should I buy XCM?

The #1 benefit of owning XCM tokens is that they allow you to exchange and trade on the CoinMetro platform, of course!

There are also additional benefits, which include:

  • Receiving a super-low transaction fee of 0.075% for ICO buyers;
  • Getting the earliest access to invest in future ICOs – as part of CoinMetro’s ICO Express platform;
  • Being granted access to future products and services, only available at CoinMetro. Watch this space!

I think I need more than that!

You sure do. XCM trading will be absolutely commission FREE for the whole of February! #FeeFreeFeb

Buying and holding XCM for an average of seven days will bring trading commission discounts (until the end of March) on ALL trades. The more you buy, the bigger the discount:

  • Buy 50,000 XCM & hold for an average of 7 days = 20% Discount
  • Buy 25,000 XCM & hold for an average of 7 days = 15% Discount
  • Buy 10,000 XCM & hold for an average of 7 days = 10% Discount
  • Buy 5,000 XCM & hold for an average of 7 days = 5% Discount
  • …and more to be announced soon!

Important! Please note:

  • Discounts will apply until March 31st, 2019 – 00:00:00 GMT
  • Additional XCM pairs will be added in March
  • XCM began trading at €0.15
  • XCM has a set floor price of €0.01

Your next step

With all the good news and the benefits, it’s almost impossible not to be excited, don’t you agree?

If you have a CoinMetro account already, sign in, deposit, and buy some XCM. If you need an account, sign up for a FREE one.

Start trading today!

The CoinMetro Team