Videos for Crypto Enthusiasts

Videos for Crypto Enthusiasts

Must-read crypto blogs and Medium channels are all over the place… but what about educating and entertaining videos for crypto enthusiasts? In the age of Facebook and Instagram stories and live feeds, the video format is more popular than ever, so let’s have a closer look at the coolest videos for crypto fans out there! […]

How to Trade Crypto for Intermediates

Soft Forks vs. Hard Forks

Once in a while, we get big news about a blockchain fork nearing. If you remember, a long-anticipated Ethereum fork happened recently, and more forks are expected to happen in the future for sure. But what does a fork mean? Is there a difference between a soft and a hard fork, or any other forks […]

CoinMetro Updates

CoinMetro Updates: April 2019

April 2019 CoinMetro updates all in one place – today’s blog post! What a busy month it’s been, stuffed with amazing news. Have you become our Ambassador yet? Why are we so excited and all-over-the-place about our Ambassador Programme? The best thing is that you earn commission not only on your direct referrals but also […]

Top 5 Young Crypto Millionaires

Top 5 Young Crypto Millionaires

The crypto industry is relatively young yet the list of people in this growing sector that have already made their millions is getting longer by the day. Some names on this list are pretty young, too. Here’s our rundown of the top 5 young crypto millionaires, to date.   1. Vitalik Buterin Claim to fame: […]

Bitcoin Hard Fork – Explained

Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has experienced several so-called hard forks. But, what exactly is a bitcoin hard fork? What’s a soft fork? What do they mean for the bitcoin blockchain and what is the outcome? Let’s find out…   What Is a Hard Fork? A hard fork a change in the protocol of […]