Who Are the Current Crypto Critics?

We all know the saying – there are two sides to every coin (pun intended). This time we are going to talk about people who are not that enthusiastic about crypto and try to understand what is the reason behind it.    He Doesn’t Want To Make Bitcoin Great Again The current president of the […]

“This Week in Crypto” Summary for June 28, 2019

“This Week in Crypto” Summary for October 25, 2019

Progress on the new website, funding and CSD. Check out our weekly “This Week in Crypto” summary in our blog post or watch the full video here.   Crypto Market News Highlights 1) Bittrex International Halts Service in Venezuela and 30 More Countries Kevin has been talking about this in many of the AMA sessions. […]

If Cryptocurrencies Were A Boy Band

Have you ever wondered, what would the world be like if cryptocurrencies were a boy band? You probably haven’t, but we have. Let us introduce you to the Backstreet Coins.   BTC – The Lead Singer Could there be anyone else considered for the role of the lead singer?  If cryptocurrencies were a boy band, […]

The Most Essential Positions in Crypto Companies: Part II

It’s time for part two of our list of the most in-demand careers in crypto. Continuing where we left off the last time, let’s dive into other essential roles in this industry. If you’re looking for a way to bring your professional skills to the crypto game and you didn’t find yours in part 1 […]

Infographic: Blockchain Market Size

We are back with an educating overview of the blockchain market! Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology go hand in hand and we are always keeping an eye on both. Diving into the market specs can get a little dull at times, but we have a special treat for you! We put together an infographic that illustrates […]