CoinMetro Q1 2019

Everything CoinMetro Accomplished in Q1 2019

Q1 is done and over. CoinMetro has achieved a lot in the past three months. Let’s have a little throwback at what’s been done and which milestones the amazing team and community of CoinMetro can brag about! XCM landed in February 2019 CoinMetro hit its first milestone of 2019 in February. We launched our exchange […]

Get Paid to Trade With CoinMetro

CoinMetro will show you how to earn more every single time you make a fiat-crypto trade. Without doing any extra work, you’ll get paid to trade! What’s that all about? We’re super excited to be launching an amazing campaign that earns you a free XCM every time you make a trade with CoinMetro. That’s right. […]

Funniest Cryptocurrencies

The Funniest Cryptocurrencies

BOOM! Let’s have some fun for a change and look at the funniest cryptocurrencies no one thought would ever exist. Ever. How much fun is there to have? Oh, plenty! Funniest cryptocurrencies from the politics TrumpCoin TrumpCoin is, supposedly, a powerful movement by the people from all nations coming together to support the 45th President […]

Understanding Crypto – The Star Wars Edition - CoinMetro

Understanding Crypto – The Star Wars Edition

In case you didn’t notice, tomorrow is May 4th, which means only one thing… “May the Fourth Be With You!”. It is, of course, Star Wars Day! So, we thought we’d have a little fun and introduce you to crypto via everyone’s favorite sci-fi saga. …Or as Yoda would put it, “Introduce you to crypto […]

April 2019 Crypto Market Overview

April 2019 Crypto Market Overview

April 2019 started with a sudden positive bang in the crypto market. The mood in the crypto-verse has definitely been lifted since by the recent gains. It has also been proclaimed that the bear market is finally over and that a lot of money is about to flow into the blockchain and crypto industry. Win […]