Introducing The New and Improved CoinMetro GO! Dashboard!

The New CoinMetro GO! Dashboard Has Landed!

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new CoinMetro GO! Dashboard. “Oh really? What’s so different?”, you say. Well, if you sign up and/or log in now, you’ll experience a totally new look and feel. The straight-out-of-the-oven GO! dashboard has been reorganized with much better presentation and general UX/UI improvements, making it […]

AMA Summary – 6th July, 2018

Kevin’s back! This time he conducted the AMA from an Airport in Amsterdam, so it was shorter than usual. VIDEO ARCHIVE OF THE AMA (FACEBOOK) IN THE NEWS #1. Blockfill and Trade air developing crypto trading platform in two weeks This wasn’t developed in two weeks. It was a whitelabel design in two weeks. Kevin’s […]

Blockchain world

10 Ways that Blockchain Will Change the World – Part I

To be honest, it’s hard to think of an existing industry that isn’t likely to be disrupted by blockchain technology. That being said, as while we are still in the early stages of development, we are starting to see some emerging trends concerning particular use cases of blockchain-based systems that really stand out from the […]

AMA Summary – 29th June, 2018

What a week for the industry! This week, Kevin goes over the controversial Facebook Ad reversal, updates on the CoinMetro UX/UI, fights FUD with brass knuckles, and reveals a cool moment of his gaming history. VIDEO ARCHIVE OF THE AMA (YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK) IN THE NEWS #1. IBM’s Head of Blockchain says banking facing its “Uber […]

Estonia is Crypto Friendly

The Most Influential Women in Crypto

For quite a while, the crypto space has been disproportionately dominated by men. There are some deep structural and sociological issues undergirding sexism in the tech industry as a whole, and the blockchain industry is no exception. According to Quartz, “[W]omen are only a small fraction of those holding positions of influence in this new […]