Will 2020 see Bitcoin’s rule in Emerging Markets?

Bitcoin has actively grown its presence in emerging markets.  Although these regions have experienced many legal obstacles in adopting crypto in the past, this year might just turn this around. Keep reading to see why!   Tim Draper Looks Towards India India saw a milestone in crypto adoption in March 2020, as their Supreme Court […]

All About Bitcoin Halving

As we are getting closer to the next Bitcoin halving, it is time to see what lies ahead. Let’s have a look at when is Bitcoin halving and what is expected to happen to the price of BTC. Keep reading to be prepared for the big event!   The Basics Bitcoin’s total supply is set […]

Bitcoin is 11! Most Memorable Moments in Bitcoin’s History

Bitcoin celebrated its eleventh birthday a few weeks back! Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008 and while the person(s) behind it still remains undisclosed – a lot has happened in the first eleven years of Bitcoin history. Continue reading to see what have been some of the most memorable Bitcoin moments.   The […]

Top 6 Most Read Articles On Our Blog

We did some digging and looked up which ones of our articles best caught your attention. The results are compelling – turns out your interest varies from blockchain to crypto gossip. We lined up six of our most popular articles. Let’s start from the sixth place.   6. Top Five Young Crypto Millionaires In April […]

Most Influential People In Crypto

The crypto world is known for being alternative and free – and that’s great. However, navigating Reddit and Twitter in search of crypto news can get hectic at times. With so many opinions out there, do you ever wonder, which one to trust?  We’ve got you covered. Today we’re bringing you a selection of some […]