Crypto Hacks

The Most Notorious Crypto Hacks

Security is a major issue in the Crypto-verse, which is a real challenge for cryptocurrency holders and a big fat attraction for hackers. Even more so, considering the wildest crypto hacks in history. Today’s blog post will give you great examples of why there’s never extra security when it comes to storing crypto assets. The […]

Inherit Crypto

How to Inherit Crypto

The topic of how to inherit crypto is new. You could stop us right here and say that no-one wants to talk about death on a popular crypto blog, but let’s face it… humans are 100% mortal. The question is what happens to one’s crypto savings or holdings when one dies? There are several ways […]

Why Is KYC Your Friend?

There’s no escape from KYC in the world of financial and banking operations. In case you didn’t know, KYC means Know Your Customer. It is a mandatory process for identifying and verifying customers the world over. Here’s more on KYC in general and on KYC at CoinMetro! Originally, KYC laws were introduced in 2001 as part […]

Crypto and Blockchain Events

Crypto and Blockchain Events This Spring

Spring is a wonderful time to start anew. How many of you have never been to massive blockchain and crypto events? Those are a thing. There are many of them taking place globally every month. The CoinMetro team does regular blog posts on the best blockchain and crypto events worldwide, and this spring is no […]

CoinMetro Latest News

CoinMetro Latest News in a Nutshell

CoinMetro’s been exploding with news… just in case you missed any of it, have this three-minute read to stay up-to-date with everything currently going on in the CoinMetro community – all the latest campaigns and exciting teasers into the upcoming weeks! Market orders on XCM/EUR This month started with epic news. XCM/EUR market orders were […]