How to Trade Cryptocurrency – For Beginners

How to Trade Cryptocurrency – For Beginners: Part I

Beginners wanted! If you’re new to the world of Crypto exchange and want to start trading cryptocurrencies, this how-to guide is a match made in heaven for you. Our advice is to bookmark this article as you may need to return to it often. In Part I, we’ll tell you why trading cryptocurrencies is a […]

Understanding Cryptocurrency Market Cap

Understanding Cryptocurrency Market Cap

In the financial world of today, we often hear news of an asset’s market capitalization reaching some specific number, but what is market cap, and why does it matter in the context of Crypto? Let’s find out… Cryptocurrency enthusiasts always fish for altcoins that appear to have big potential, and market cap is something that […]

Cryptocurrency Facts

Interesting Cryptocurrency Facts Everyone Should Know

Who on planet Earth hasn’t heard of digital currency? Even if you’re the savviest of savvy Crypto-experts, we’re positive you’ve not given thought to each of the interesting cryptocurrency facts that you’ll find in this article! Let’s dive in… 1. 1,754 Cryptos… and Counting The official number of cryptocurrencies currently doing the rounds has most […]

CoinMetro Simple Exchange

CoinMetro Simple Exchange – Closed Beta Launched!

Two weeks ago, CoinMetro announced a closed beta-launch of a super-simplified Crypto exchange UI. The great news is that our Simple Exchange has now been opened up to our beta testing group after a period of internal testing and tweaking. An Easy and Fast Solution for Your Crypto-Exchanging Needs This beta-launch is another step on […]

Top 10 Popular Cryptos in 2018

Top 10 Popular Cryptos in 2018

Popular Cryptos are on everyone’s lips right now, and the Crypto-economy has taken society by storm. The end of 2017 was marked with the glorious rise of Cryptos, making them almost the best thing since sliced bread. To the dismay of many, a huge correction followed in the period from January to April 2018, when Cryptos […]