April 2019 Crypto Market Overview

April 2019 Crypto Market Overview

April 2019 started with a sudden positive bang in the crypto market. The mood in the crypto-verse has definitely been lifted since by the recent gains. It has also been proclaimed that the bear market is finally over and that a lot of money is about to flow into the blockchain and crypto industry. Win […]

Crypto Market Review

March 2019 Crypto Market Review

Another month has almost gone by, one of the longest this year. Let’s have a quick look back in a March 2019 crypto market review! What happened? Were there any major developments, big news, or massive disappointments in the past few weeks? Cryptos leading the pack Still the largest cryptocurrency in the market, Bitcoin, saw […]

Crypto Hacks

The Most Notorious Crypto Hacks

Security is a major issue in the Crypto-verse, which is a real challenge for cryptocurrency holders and a big fat attraction for hackers. Even more so, considering the wildest crypto hacks in history. Today’s blog post will give you great examples of why there’s never extra security when it comes to storing crypto assets. The […]

February 2019 Crypto Market Review

February 2019 Crypto Market Review

Things in the crypto market change in a single day. Did anything change for the better this month? Let’s find out! Here’s a crypto market review for February 2019! New 2019 high… and low February 23 saw a new high in the crypto market. As predicted by the crypto experts, Bitcoin managed to break the […]

Revealed: CoinMetro’s Most Traded Crypto is…

CoinMetro has been open for business, read buying and trading crypto, for quite some time now. The CoinMetro Team – and you – are very fond of stats, so we decided to have a look at the most recent volume of CoinMetro’s pairs. What do you think CoinMetro’s most traded crypto is? The answer will […]