New Cryptos

Have You Heard of This Crypto?

We must all know the names of the world’s most popular cryptos by heart. Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, TRON… the list goes on. What about lesser known cryptocurrencies that have a lot of hidden potential? The coins we’re going to talk about today are more specialized, but definitely worth your attention. Have you […]

February 2019 Crypto Market Review

February 2019 Crypto Market Review

Things in the crypto market change in a single day. Did anything change for the better this month? Let’s find out! Here’s a crypto market review for February 2019! New 2019 high… and low February 23 saw a new high in the crypto market. As predicted by the crypto experts, Bitcoin managed to break the […]

Facebook, Google and Blockchain

Facebook and Google on the Blockchain – What’s Their Aim?

What’s the relationship between Facebook, Google, and blockchain? Does blockchain have the potential to disrupt the present-day social networking and technology giants? Blockchain has found application in all major areas of our lives. Now think of it as the next generation social network. In essence, it is a network, right? What if blockchain is the […]


Everything You Need to Know About Airdrops Briefly

We all know or heard about ways to make money in crypto. We can just trade, buy and sell long or short, even HODL, but how much do we really know about airdrops? There are many of you who hear the term ‘airdrop’ for the first time, so today’s blog post will tell you the […]

CoinMetro Platforms

An Overview of the CoinMetro Platforms

CoinMetro launched its long-awaited platforms in December 2018. Before the launch we were overFUDed, and look where we are now! The three CoinMetro Platforms are LIVE, with new pairs added on a regular basis. CoinMetro as an ecosystem CoinMetro is so much more than a cryptocurrency exchange. It is an all-in-one licensed tokenized platform with […]