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What is Aelf (ELF)?

ELF is one of three new tokens added to CoinMetro which is available for trading on our platforms.

ELF is a utility token released by the company “Aelf” – a team of blockchain technical experts, aiming to create a first decentralized cloud computing blockchain network that would serve various commercial requirements. What’s the idea behind? Let’s figure this out!

Aelf Ecosystem – How it Works

Nowadays it’s not an easy task to integrate new projects on the blockchain due to variety of crypto systems working independently and pursuing different goals. This fact was noticed by the Aelf developers, and that’s how it was decided to create a universal single solution – a customizable operating system. The vision is to create the blockchain’s own Linux. Very brave!

In order to proceed with the project, the team decided to raise funds and launch their own token, ELF. The private only ICO token sale was held in December 2017.

Advantages of ELF

Behind the ELF token is an ambitious young team with a professional and responsible approach. Aelf management publishes regular progress reports and the developers submit complete Aelf project code to GitHub, being a great example of transparency – an essential part of a reliable crypto project.

Some of the technical advantages of the project and the token are: 

Scalability – Through parallel processing, the creation of cluster nodes and database separation, the Aelf blockchain has real world scalability potential. During testnet, the blockchain hit 15,000 TPS.

Flexibility – Aelf have designed an Aelf kernel which comprises of the basic functions of any blockchain. This kernel minimizes the coding requirements to implement an app on the blockchain, while allowing full customizability through a modular design.

Cross-Chain Communication – Any sidechain on the Aelf ecosystem has the ability to interact with any other sidechain as well as, through an API, other blockchains outside of the Aelf network. This technology even allows the triggering of a smart contract on other chains. 

The ELF Stats You Need to Know

Total supply: 880,000,000 ELF
Circulating Supply: 499,780,000 ELF
Current Price*: €0.073
Current Market Cap: €36,588,010 (Rank*: 92)

*Last updated: August 22, 2019

Why Trade ELF with CoinMetro?

If you would like to trade ELF on one of the CoinMetro exchange platforms, keep in mind that as a new trader, you will be rewarded for doing so! We offer 20 XCM (CoinMetro’s native token) to our users who complete their KYC checks and make at least one crypto-fiat trade. What are the steps?

  1. Sign up or log in and submit your KYC;
  2. Get verified and make at least one fiat-crypto trade (EUR/ELF or any other pair);
  3. Get 20 XCM to your account!

What are you waiting for? Get started!